1. General provisions

1.1. These rules are made up on a basis of the Ukrainian law.

1.2. Rules of Carriage of passengers and baggage is fixed by airlines  and  based on the Ukrainian legislation discussed in the contract of carriage of air (air ticket).

1.3. Business Terminal operates with finished travel certificates only.

1.4. Passenger of Business Terminal should follow the Passport control law of Ukraine, 13.03.2012 № 4495-VI (statutory wording from  23.10.2013).

1.5. Business Terminal of the "Kyiv" (Zhuliany) airport provides services for passengers of domestic and international airlines.

1.6. There is video monitoring at Business Terminal.

1.7. Smoking is allowed in Business Terminal but in designated smoking room only.
2. Procedures for the provision of services at Business Terminal

2.1. Service requests are accepted not later than two hours before arrival/departure time by: tel. +3044 339 26 00, fax +38044 339 26 03, e-mail:

2.2 Service requests for groups of passengers are accepted not later than 2 days before delivering service. The group of passengers is meant adults in amount more than 10 passengers arriving/ departing by one flight.
Contact person/company should provide the next information: date/time of delivering service, flight number and destination, full name/surname of a passenger and a contact person, that gave request, number and type of car, type of payment for delivered services and information about a person who will pay for it (passenger or another person), amount of accompany persons, extra services (parking place, rent of conference halls and other).

2.3. Those passengers, who pay cash, can get a service only after full payment for service according to the price list. In case of cashless payment –according to the contract.

2.4. In case when the flight was canceled and service hasn’t begun-passenger shouldn’t pay for it. In case when service has begun and a passenger canceled it for his/her own reasons, he/she must pay 50% of the full service price. In case when the flight on departure was canceled and the passenger service is not begun - the funds are returned without deduction %.

2.5. In case when the transit/transfer passenger cancels one part of the trip, he/she must pay 50% of the full arrival service price.

2.6. Order  of delivering service on departure

2.6.1. Passenger should arrive at the airport not later than 1 hour 20 minutes till international departure and not later than 1 hour till domestic  departure. In case when passenger arrives later, we do not guarantee our service.

2.6.2. Driving into the territory - the parking worker let the car pass according to the previous service request. If passenger arrives without a prior service request (not later than 2 hours before the departure), he/she has to inform the parking worker about it who contact with operating agent to receive confirmation of possibility of providing services.

2.6.3. VIP- agent meets the passenger at the entrance helping with the luggage and escorts him/her to the information desk.

2.6.4. The passenger must give the operating agent his/her travel document, if needed, and passport (in accordance with the airlift agreement).

2.6.5. During of nedeed procedures (ticket and baggage registration) and waiting for taking off, the passenger can use additional services of the Business Terminal according to the current price list.

2.6.6. After invitation of  VIP agent,  passenger passes aviation security in the established order; in case of an international flight  the customs control will be carried out if necessary (the employees wrap the baggage of the passenger, if needed), whereupon the passenger passes aviation security and   passport control.

2.6.7. After passing necessary procedures passenger accompanied by VIP agent heads to the aircraft by special vehicle.

2.7. Order of delivering services on arrival

2.7.1. After leaving the airplane it is necessary for the passenger to come up to the VIP agent meeting the passenger with a special card with name and last name of the passenger (or without one if it was discussed while booking) and to introduce himself/herself. The VIP agent has right to ask the passenger to show the passport.

2.7.2. Accompanied by the VIP agent the passenger heads to the Business Terminal by special vehicle.

2.7.3. For getting the baggage the passenger passes the baggage tags to the VIP agent; the passenger waits for the baggage in the Business Terminal (waiting time depends on speed of unloading the aircraft).

2.7.4. In case of international flight the passenger passes the customs and passport controls immediate in the Business Terminal.

2.7.5. After passing all the necessary formalities the VIP agent escorts the passenger to his vehicle. The vehicle waiting for the passenger will be let into the Business Terminal territory after prior request.
3. Passenger can address all the questions concerning customer service delivery in the Business Terminal to the administrator.
4. The LLC MASTER-AVIA does not bear responsibility for acts of the airlines, the customs and border guard and possible discomfort related with their activity such as:

 - changing of the aircraft before the departure;

 - changing of the stand of the aircraft after registration;

 - detention while passing the customs and passport control;

 - delay or cancel of the flight;

 - lost or damaged baggage.

5. The Administration of the Business Terminal reserves the right to refuse service delivery for persons who are not sober or violate public order.